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With Synergia Foxy -CMS, you can easily add, edit or delete pages.

Synergia Foxy - julkaisujärjestelmä

Adding a page to sitemap with Synergia Foxy -CMS

You can add a page to sitemap by giving it a title and saving. Default contents of the template make building a new page simple and easy.

Sitemap -tool is found from the ever-visible control panel. You can hide the page and only publish it when it is ready. Foxy always uses friendly-URLs, which helps the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).




Modifying and moving a page

With Synergia Foxy -CMS, you can easily edit the name, location and visibility of a page. You don't have to worry about search engines or bookmarks, as Foxy will handle redirects automatically.

You can easily change the title and location of a page. Synergia Foxy will make 301-redirects automatically, so the page will always be available - regardless whether a visitor enters directly, trough a bookmark or via Google search. You can set the page public or hidden, and you can also set a publish date.




SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can add all required information for search engines to improve your site's visibility.

You can edit meta tags to improve search engine visibility. You can edit meta titles, meta descriptions and URL -addresses of each page. Synergia Foxy will automatically create robots.txt and sitemap.xml -files for the search engines to crawl.




Deleting a page from website

With Synergia Foxy, a page can be removed via sitemap -tool. Foxy will always ask for a confirmation when deleting a page. Only pages with no subpages can be removed.

When a page is deleted, all content will be permanently removed. If a visitor enters such page, a 404 -page is shown (which also is editable with Foxy). We will keep a backup of the database for 5 days, so if a page is accidentally removed, we can still retrieve it.




Do you want to know more about Foxy?

Are you interested in Foxy? Do you have any questions on different features? Do you want to Request an offer or perhaps need user credentials for our demo site? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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