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Synergia Foxy -CMS offers all the required functionalities to fully manage a website. If your site requires some tailoring, there is nothing Foxy can't do!

Synergia Foxy - julkaisujärjestelmä

An online shop, shopping cart and payment methods for your website.

Synergia Foxy CMS can function as a light online shop for selling products and services. Below you can find some examples we have built:

Online ticket sales (Forssan Elävienkuvien Teatteri)

The site is built on Jeemly / Foxy Cinema. A customer can order movie tickets to a specified email. The payment method here is Svea.

Selling food products (Autokeidas)

This site has a possibility to purchase Á la carte -portions through online shop. The portion can be paid online, and customer can pick it up from Autokeidas at a given time. The payment method here is Netaxept.

Issue of shares (Oy Forssa Pilsner Fabrik Ab)

We built a possibility to buy shares on this brewery. The system behind it will assign the proper stock numbers. After the payment, the customer will get a confirmation of the ordered stocks. The payment method here is Svea.


Product and service listing for your website

With Synergia Foxy -CMS, you can have product and service listings based on your exact specifications. This module can have many functionalities e.g. ordering, search/filtering, product info and image. Updating elements is done with a simple form-based tool.



Centralized contacts and personnel search for your website

Managing contact info on a website can be challenging: a person's information might be needed on several pages, which means possible updates must be done on every page separately. We offer Centralized contacts to solve this problem. Contact information is only updated trough a single module, and can be imported to any page. Integrations to 3rd party systems are also possible.




If a website must communicate with a 3rd party system, an API-integration is needed. Via API, data can be safely transferred from one system to another, which can then be used to many purposes.

Getting data via API

Usually API integrations are built to fetch data to the website, e.g. stock exchange releases from Cision, reading news or events or getting contact info from Fonecta Kontakti. 

Putting data and synchronizing via API

Most APIs can be used to two-way transfer of data. A good example is synchronizing Office 365 -calendars. We have built a booking system, which automatically sends bookings to O365 -calendar.

With Foxy, API -integrations work seamlessly and totally within customers specs.


A daily updated lunch menu not only invites customers to eat, but to return frequently to your website!

Lunch menu is updated daily, so it is a good way to increase the traffic on your website. Lunch menu can be updated several weeks forward, Foxy will handle e.g. daily and weekly menus to the website.



Improve your websites accessibility with font size increase and high contrast.

Foxy websites always take care of accessibility fundamentals. This includes proper font size, contrast between links and text and logical browsing order. We have built some additional improvements, such as a possibility to increase font size or setting high contrast.




Tailored map solutions using Googlemaps -API.

The most common use case of Googlemaps is to show company location. With API, Googlemaps can be used to several other purposes, such as showing nearby sights.



We can make any tailored solution based on your specs and wishes. Here are some other solutions we have made:

Do you have a need for tailored solution? Are you interested in some of the solutions on this page?

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Do you want to know more about Foxy?

Are you interested in Foxy? Do you have any questions on different features? Do you want to Request an offer or perhaps need user credentials for our demo site? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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