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Foxy -CMS can be expanded to cover all your requirements with additional modules. Here you can find the most common add-ons.

Synergia Foxy - julkaisujärjestelmä

Regularly updated content invites visitors to return to your website! Adding news, events or blog to your website is easy with Foxy -CMS.

News, events and blog

It is important to keep your website up-to-date by constantly updating the content. News, events and blog will invite visitors to return to your site, and Foxy offers simple tools to update them. In addition to inline -editor, you can add e.g. title, ingress, direct link and image.

Key features

  • Recurring styles for each element.
  • Sorting elements by date.
  • Possibility to crop images.
  • Latest news, latest blog text and upcoming events.
  • Archive



Contact form, feedback form, enrollment form or questionnaire to website with a simple tool.

Form tool for Foxy -CMS

With this module, you can gather important feedback and information from your customers. You can add unlimited forms for different use cases. You can set the form to be sent to different emails or to be saved to database. You can use all different form fields.

Key features

  • Unlimited forms with module importing.
  • A possibility to send the form to email or save to database.
  • Possibility to add text fields (text, textarea, email), checkboxes, radio buttons and file -fields.
  • Google reCaptcha to prevent spamming.
  • All forms will be sent to your email in easily readable formatting.



Simple, fast and responsive picture gallery for your website.

Gallery -module for Foxy -CMS

A thumbnail image will be created automatically for every uploaded image, so the page will load fast no matter have many images you have. A full-sized image will open on lightbox above the page. You can upload images one by one, or upload a bunch of images as a ZIP -file. You can order images by drag&drop or alphabetical order.

Key features

  • Unlimited galleries with module importing.
  • Thumbnail -picture is created automatically.
  • A possibility to enter titles and alt -texts.
  • A lightbox showing the full-sized image.



An updateable location map using Googlemaps API.

Googlemaps -module for Foxy -CMS

You can add your own Googlemaps -location to your site without iframe -embed. You can get the required coordinates by entering address information. You can fine tune the location by drag&drop. This tool can be used for many purposes: e.g. office location, apartments to rent or sights on the area. With module importing you can have several different maps on your site.

Key features

  • Unlimited maps with module importing.
  • Map categories, where each category can have it's own marker.
  • Getting coordinates with address information. Possibility to fine tune the location with drag&drop.



A visitor can find specific info easily by using the search module. Search field is necessary on large pages, where the content can be hidden quite deep in the sitemap.

Search module for Foxy -CMS

The search module will iterate trough every (public) text content, news, events etc. The search field can be set as a default module on top of the page, where it is easily found.

Key features

  • With Foxy default modules, the search field can automatically integrated to every page.
  • In addition to text content, the search covers e.g. news, events and blogs.
  • Ordering by relevance.
  • A possibility for a predictive search.



With extra-/intranet module, some pages can be hidden behind a login. This way Foxy -CMS can be used as a intranet for your organization or extranet for your customers.

Extra-/intranet module for Synergia Foxy -CMS

Updating the hidden pages is done via Foxy basic tools, so updating extra-/intranet is simple. You can also use modules for creating e.g. news for just your personnel. Read rights is done with selecting / unselecting pages, so setting the rights is really easy.

Key features

  • Unlimited user groups and users.
  • Read rights are set page by page, so different content can be available to different users.
  • Set read rights by selecting / unselecting pages.

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Facebook and Instagram posts to your website automatically.

Social media wall to Synergia Foxy -CMS

Module is completely automatic, so the feed will be updated real-time. All posts will be printed responsively. You can fetch posts from several different feeds, as long as you have the necessary admin -rights.

Key features

  • Unlimited somewalls with module import.
  • Responsive layout of posts.
  • Possibility to limit characters.
  • Possibility to share posts directly from wall to Facebook and Twitter.

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