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Synergia Foxy

Synergia Foxy includes a logical and easy-to-use solution for managing files in your website.

Synergia Foxy - julkaisujärjestelmä

Adding files and images to your web page

With Synergia Foxy, there is no need for a folder -based material bank. Our material bank uses the sitemap to set the proper location for images, PDFs and other files.

With inline -editor, you can upload an image or a PDF -file inside the content with a few clicks on your mouse. The material bank itself uses the sitemap to set proper location for a file. Compared to other solutions, the amount of steps required is significantly lower, which makes updating pages faster and more logical.




Editing and deleting a file from web page

A user with sufficient rights can edit and delete a file.

You can edit the file name freely, as Foxy will handle all required redirects automatically. You can also replace the file with another, which makes it easy to update a site-wide file easily. A file cannot be removed, if it is in use, so necessary files will not disappear without user's content.




Synergia Foxy is packed with 1Gb disc space.

In basic use 1Gb is more than enough, because automatically resized images won't take much disc space.

You can visit the material bank to see how much disc space you have left. If disc space is low, you can either remove old files manually, or order more disc space. With Foxy, you can easily discover all the files which are not in use - and thus can be deleted.


Do you want to know more about Foxy?

Are you interested in Foxy? Do you have any questions on different features? Do you want to Request an offer or perhaps need user credentials for our demo site? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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